We had a very successful District Annual Conference with seven members attending!  As always, a big highlight is seeing the enthusiasm from the various Interact Clubs from throughout the District. 
Today we reviewed a very successful District Annual Conference.  Our club sent seven members on Saturday, so we had most (all?) of the seminars covered!
Our speaker today was Greg Minter, Assistant Principal for Athletics and Activities at Prospect High School.  Personally, I think that is one of the best job titles around. 
There are 28 IHSA sports at Prospect after they added competitive cheerleading and competitive dance.  There are now 13 sports for boys and 15 for girls.  Football and girls golf have been the most successful over the past several years.  The Chess and speech clubs are among the most successful clubs at the high school.  Each sport and club, however, provides a great outlet for students to grow and learn.  Prospect intentionally makes it very easy for new clubs to form.  They feel that it's critical for students to have activities outside of school and have the chance to explore their interests.  Approximately 90% of the student body participates in at least one sport or club. 
Greg also talked about planned capital projects at the school.  The School Board has put plans to build a swimming pool on hold until state funding issues are resolved and a court case involving zoning issues are settled.  They still expect the pool to be built, but they'd prefer to make any required changes to their plans before construction begins.
There are also plans to renovate the school's theater this fall and update the student commons.  The commons will incorporate a more college union look.  New security vestibules will be created using existing lobby space.  These vestibules will authenticate a person and their reason for being at the school before they actually gain entrance.  And finally, there are plans to expand their parking lot to include an additional 150 spots.  These will be needed since the the swimming pool will be located on a smaller parking lot on campus. 
There's a great deal going on at Prospect High!
Commons update
Security Vestibule
Parking Lot expansion