District Governor Rick Rivkin talked about the Power of One - One Rotarian, One Club, One District, One Rotary.  
Someone asked a question afterwards about how no one ever seems to hang out after meetings anymore. Everyone seemed to agree that they need to get back to the office, especially if they were going to make to the horse track later - it was Come One Come All day!
We had a couple of guests today to listen to District Governor Rick Rivkin.  Prospect Heights Park District Executive Director Christina Ferraro and Assistant Governor Tamiye Meehan were welcomed by one and all.   
At the board meeting preceding the full meeting, Rick told his Rotary Story - how he evolved from a club member into a true Rotarian.  In every step of his process, he was impressed and humbled at the tremendous work Rotary and Rotarians do - in their communities, in their districts, throughout the world.  He's been to Guatemala installing water filtration systems and he's been to India and Nigeria immunizing children from Polio.  After every trip, every completed, he felt called to do more - ultimately leading to him becoming DG.  
The theme Rick emphasized in his talk was how just one person can have a huge impact on the world.  He spoke of several people and clubs and the great works they do, but the one that stuck out was Mac Miller, a (then) 12 year old boy who wanted to make the world a better place by giving other kids soccer balls.  To date, he's raised enough money to purchase and distribute over 1,000 balls all over the world, from Uganda to Fiji, from Afghanistan to Cambodia.  
It was a great talk and certainly inspired me!  I even updated our website with the correct Rotary theme logo!  
(hey, baby steps, y'know?)