Conrad showing off the $1,500 matching grant
from District for Operation Warm!
Conrad with our speaker Joe Rosner.  Hard to imagine
that just a few minutes earlier, they were
at each other's throats!
Today we welcomed several guests.  Joe Wade, Prospect Heights City Manager joined us as did Assistant District Governor (and Wheeling Rotary member) Tamiye Meehan.  Joe came for the good times while Tamiye passed out the District's 15-16 Directory. 
Our speaker was Joe Rosner, director of Best Defense USA.  Joe talked about how to avoid from being the victim of a crime.  His first and strongest suggestion is to avoid the situation entirely if you can.  Running is often your best option.  You also need to be aware of your surroundings and have a plan of action in mind if you encounter something suspicious.   
Joe said alarm devices like whistles or electronic alarms don't work very well since people tend to dismiss them.  Instead, use your voice to call out.  Call for someone specific if possible because that often will jar them into action. 
Joe gave us some basic tips to remember in case we ever are in a physical confrontation -
  • Face your attacker sideways, with your strong side forward.  This makes you a smaller target and improves your balance and makes it easier for you to turn and run. 
  • Put your hands up - your rear hand by your neck and head and your front hand farther out, prepared to block incoming blows.  This also gives the non-verbal 'back off' message. 
  • Conrad came up and tried to hold onto Joe's wrists while Joe easily broke free.  I would try to explain how he did it, but it wouldn't make sense in writing.  But it made sense to everyone who attended!
Pepper spray is one of the best deterrents available.  It lets you stay away from your attacker; debilitates them, allowing you to escape; is not lethal; stains the person, making them easier to identify later. 
All in all, a very informative talk on a topic I certainly hope none of us ever has to live through!