Jon Eilering with members of Mount Prospect's Sister City Commission, including Mayor Arlene Juracek and past Mayor Skip Farley.
Today we had nearly as many guests as we had members in attendance!  The only thing out of the norm was our speaker, Paula Randant of the Mount Prospect Sister City Commission, so I guess we need to invite her back more often!  We welcomed Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene Juracek as well as past Mayor Skip Farley.  Also attending were committee members Marianthi Thanopolois and Georgia Mitchell.  Fred Pfifer was on hand - he's attended so much frequently, we might even drop the 'guest' moniker!  Rich Rosen, the President of the Wheeling Club also came.  And finally, the perfectly named Delight, wife of Lucky Jon attended.    
In general announcements, Rich Rosen talked about his club's upcoming I Walk fundraiser.  Kathy Nowicki talked about a potential murder mystery fellowship event tentatively scheduled for late Spring.  And President Wendy announced that our club qualified for a Presidential Citation after being off the list last year. 
Our induction dinner will be June 27th at Allgauers.  This year is special because in addition to inducting Conrad May as our new president, we'll also induct Rodney Adams as the new District Governor!  Good times will be had by all, so please mark you calendars. 
Sister cities was a concept started in Europe after WWII as a way to help heal the cultural divisions created by the war.  Cities in allied countries would 'twin' with cities in Germany and gradually everyone realized they had more in common than not. 
President Eisenhower started a similar program in the United States in 1956.  His twist was to encourage school age kids to become pen pals with other children across the world.  Slowly the program grew deeper cultural, economic, and humanitarian bonds between cities.  There is an international organization that helps cities find suitable matches.
Forty Eight cities in Illinois have sister cities.  Chicago leads the way with 28 sister cities, but multiple ties are not limited to large metropolises.  Dixon has five of its own.  Typically, though, sister cities are similar in size and are looking for similar benefits from participating.  The Illinois Sister Cities Association is a statewide support organization.  Their annual conference will be in Mount Prospect April 17 & 18. 
Mount Prospect has one sister city - Sevres, France.  Theirs is basically a cultural exchange.  Delegations visit each other every few years.  It's been a great opportunity for all aspects of the city government and its citizens to learn more about France and its culture.  Mount Prospect is also looking for a German sister city to reflect Mount Prospect's German roots.  Former Mayor Skip Farley is coordinating that search.  They hope to find the right match in time for their 100th anniversary in 2017.