Rotarian Brian Wegzryn may be our longest tenured member, but he sure looked like a 10 year old boy meeting Dez Clark!
Club President Wendy Morgan-Adams pins Dez Clark with our District's 50 Year Anniversary pin.

With former Bear Desmond Clark as our speaker today, we had a lot of guests in attendance.  We welcomed Brett Danker, Fred Pfeifer, Dennis Oster, Mike Figohla, and past district governors Sarah Oliver and Mike Yesner. 


Rodney and Wendy attended the District Governor training workshop in San Diego.  In addition to the good times had by all (it was in San Diego in January, after all), both Rodney and Wendy came back better prepared and more motivated than ever to take on the many challenges they’ll both be facing next year when Rodney is District Governor. 


Desmond Clark has gone through many transitions in his life and he learned early on that he could learn important, life changing principles from each of them.  Growing up in Florida, Desmond came from a solid middle class family.  They fell on hard times after his father became addicted to drugs.  His mother struggled to support her four children and they often went without electricity.  During these times, the family would huddle around each other and tell stories and joke.  His mother always said that as long as you had your family, you had all you needed.


In high school, he was a three sport star.  After promising the football coach he would set the example at off season practices and workouts, Desmond actually concentrated more on basketball.  Finally the coach called him out, not for neglecting football, but for lying.  The coach told Desmond all he had in life was his name and his word and he couldn’t let any dirt get around either. 


Learning that doing the little things better than anyone else was the best way to succeed came from Mike Martz during the end of Desmond’s career.  He was frustrated at his declining playing time and the team wasn’t doing very well in general when Martz rather sternly explained the principle. 


It was very interesting to hear about Desmond’s life journey to this point.  We wish him well with his new career at Messmer & Associates and with his 88 Wayz Youth Charity.