Lekan Ahmed and Bret
We had lots of happy dollars this week.
Rod had a great, uninterrupted Wisconsin weekend with Wendy for the first time since new years.  
Marisol's young'un is learning to crawl!  
Kathy spent the weekend in South Bend with her cousins.  They haven't been together as a group in 20 years or more.  
Alex went blueberry picking and is learning how to make preserves.
Conrad's brother-in-law...I can't read my handwriting.  Is Conrad happy because he came to visit?  Because he finally left town?  Ask Conrad for details.
Brian finished up a 50' border in his lawn.  Job well done!
Murph highlighed the wonderful letter written by Chief of Police Al Steffan.
Jim is greatful for the outpouring of support and gratitude the community has expressed towards the police.  
Our speaker was Lekan Ahmed, from Lagos Nigeria.  He talked about increasing productivity through change.  Lekan is one of nine children and was raised in a one bedroom apartment.  His 23 unit building had to share two bathrooms.  He was able to overcome those obstacles by tirelessly working towards his dream of coming to America.  He accomplished this by envisioning the changes he needed to create so he could move closer to his dream.  
Lekan encouraged us to have a similar focus.  In dreaming big, we should ask what difference can we make in our community as well as ourselves.  He challenged us to look for lives we can touch and improve.