New Prospect Heights City Manager Joe Wade is eager to tackle the challenges facing the city. 
This was Wendy and Rodney first meeting back since attending Rotary International's annual conference.  They both look very happy and rested - if a bit hung over as well.  And they kept shaking sand out of their shoes too....
We also welcomed guests Dennis Oster, who was making up a meeting from his Des Plaines club and new Prospect Heights City Administrator Joe Wade. 
Steve and Wendy holding the check from our club to Harper College to support scholarships for students working towards vocational certifications.  
Al, Wendy and Jamie holding the check from our club to the Prospect Heights Police Department supporting their Piper Lane project. 
Some important dates are coming up:
First, there will be a meeting next Monday, June 22nd.  It had previously been cancelled since we'll all be attending the District Governor and club officer installaion dinner on June 27th.  (and we will all be there, right?  riiiiight?).  Anyway, there is a meeting on the 22nd, but it will be held at the Rob Roy Golf Course clubhouse.  After the meeting the club will dedicate a tree to the course. 
June 27th is the installation dinner.  If you haven't registered already, please do so!  The deadline is Friday, June 19th.
Since our new club officers will still be drunk with power, we're cancelling the June 29th meeting.  It's all on the calendar if you'd like more details. 
Joe Wade was our speaker and it was a great opportunity to get to know the person who will help lead the City into the future.  Joe was attracted to the job by the unique set of challenges facing Prospect Heights - water issues, the airport, and significant land development opportunities were all interesting nuts Joe wants to crack.  
Since he's only been on the job for a week, Joe couldn't talk with much specificity.  But he did outline his philosophy of management - the four E's.  
Joe will ensure the City works in an Effective manner to take the best advantage of opportunities.  The city will operate Efficiently - valuing the time of staff, officials, and citizens.  Joe will ensure the city is Economical.  The State's budget issues makes local finances uncertain, but Joe knows planning for the worst while hoping for the best is the safest way to go.  Above all, Joe will make sure the city operates Ethically.  Trust, once lost is nearly impossible to gain back.