Kathy, Jen and Christina standing by our lollipop tree during the Halloween FunFair at Rielly Elementary School.  
Our club was out and about at different events on Saturday celebrating Make A Difference Day.  
Our monthly service project was helping out at Wheeling Township's Halloween Fun Fair for children with disabilities at Reilly Elementary School.  
Kathy took the lead in her always efficient manner.  She devised the lollipop tree game, shopped for the candy and procured the tree.  She even dotted the lolipops!  Thankfully, Christina, Jen and Alex arrived in time to have some pizza.  
I kid!  I kid!  
Actually, everyone had a great time meeting the kids and their parents and marveling at the wonderful costumes they wore.  The folks judging the costume contest at the end really had their work cut out for them!  
I should point out that Bret also helped out.  Unfortunately, he arrived too late for pizza because he was at the One Rotary Summit along with Marisol and Rodney.  Maybe others attended too?  The workshops helped clubs better understand their strengths and weaknesses.  District 6440 always puts on a good workshop so I know this was a great event.