Today we had Cameron Monti, a lawyer, author, and law professor specializing on Illinois’ medical marijuana laws and the concealed carrying of weapons in Illinois.
While the medical marijuana laws are in effect in Illinois, there have been no licenses issued for its growth or distribution yet.  Mr. Monti highlighted many of the regulatory hurdles that must be overcome before either of those things can happen.  This will be a highly regulated industry – all the way down to the forms the medicine can come in (edible, liquid, inhalant, etc.).  One other key fact is that employers will not need to alter their employee drug policies.  The new law was written to impose as little burden on employers as possible.  Mr. Monti briefly touched on concealed carry as well.  This is also a new law whose details are still being worked out.  One of the benefits of being the last state in the union to pass such legislation, though, is that now we can cherry pick the best parts from the laws of the other 49 states.  Overall, it was a solid talk.  Mr. Monti and our fellow Rotarians made full use of the potential pun factor.  High Times I say!
Alexander C. Todd