We had several guests today.  Past District Governor Bill Ferriera of the Long Grove Club joined us along with Brandy Rybak from Wendy Morgan’s law firm and Joe Mulae, owner of Tri-Tower Printing
The Club recognized Al Stefan for his role in helping transfer non-perishable food items slated for disposal at a closed grocery store to the Wheeling Township food pantry.  Instead of going to waste and clogging landfill, much of the food inventory was saved and will be put to good use. 
Greg Gurraine updated us on our annual citrus sale.  Delivery will be on Friday, December 12th this year, which is a bit later than normal. 
Wendy inducted our two newest members - Jennifer Brennan of the Harper College Learning and Career Center in Prospect Heights and Joe Mulae of Tri-Tower Printing.  The club also gave special recognition to Brandy Rybak for all of her behind the scenes help she gave to the Club and particularly her work in helping ensure the success of our Classic 5000 fundraisers.  Brandy is moving to (or sentenced to?) Wisconsin and we wish her the best of luck.