We had guests tonight!  I was so excited I forgot to take photos. angry
Anyway, we welcomed Jen and Dan Berg for dinner and a few drinks.  Jen is a member of the Elmhurst club, but a recent change in career has prompted her to look for a club closer to home.  They're very nice people and we certainly hope to see more of them in the coming weeks!  
We did conduct some business.  Our September Service Project is the blood drive at Harper College on Wednesday, September 21.  Yes, it's a Wednesday, which might be tough for some to attend.  But that also means it's not a Saturday, which is tough for others to attend.  We're equal opportunity schedule busters!  
We had lots of Happy Dollars tonight -
  • Bret celebrated RTPD's last pool day of the year.  It was a successful, fun and above all, safe year for everyone
  • Bret also celebrated receiving tickets to the Genesee Theater in Waukegan! 
  • Kathy attended her aunt's 90th birthday and saw those cousins of hers that she never sees.  
  • Kathy also bucked up in honor of heading out to the Glencoe Beach with her roommate from her Guatemala trip.
  • Conrad had a great time at the Botanic Garden.  They won a membership there at a silent auction and finally took advantage.  
  • Conrad also bucked up to note that hockey was on the cover of the MP Park District's recent program pamphlet.  (The mention of MPPD earned grumbles from our other Park folks, but it was forgiven because... hockey, I guess.)
  • Murph gave a dollar in anticipation of hockey season - 4 (or 5) weeks away!  
  • I wrapped up the celebrations by giving a dollar in anticipation of my fantasy football draft.  (Writing after the fact, I can safely state that my team is AWESOME and I will be bucking up early and often this year as I trounce my pitiable competition).