Long lost member Jennifer Brennan returned to talk about all the great things going on at Harper's Learning and Career Center in Prospect Heights.
Jennifer Brennan was our speaker today and she talked about the recently completed construction at Harper's Learning and Career center in Prospect Heights.  
The $1.2 million renovation project enables HCC to better market to and attract targeted audiences - the 40% of Prospect Heights residents who do not have a college degree; the 53% who speak English as a second language; or the 11% who live below the poverty level.  
They offer more focused programs and certificates developed with local employers to give students in-demand skills that will help them improve their socio-economic status.  
Since many of the people in these targeted audiences need financial aid, HCC has worked to develop funding from several different sources.  Our club helps sponsor scholarships and there is a foundation that specifically helps women earn professional certificates.  
Another challenge students face is transportation.  Many classes are available only at the main campus in Palatine because that is where equipment is located.  Jennifer told us that it takes 111 minutes to get from the Learning & Career Center to the main campus using public transportation.  She is now exploring ways to streamline that trip - perhaps by partnering with PACE to create new routes and stops or to create their own shuttle service.  
It's heartening to see HCC work with local employers to attract and train people for jobs that will help them better provide for their families and to start themselves on an upward career trajectory.  We're proud to help this process and wish Jennifer and the LCC continued success.