Of course we forgot to take pictures on the day least likely to break the camera.
Congratulations and good luck to all of our scholarship winners!
Today we welcomed our three scholarship winners and their parents.   Each will receive $1,000.  After politely sitting through a lunch listening to us Rotarians recall the glory our long-past college years, it is money well earned. 
Jessica Parzynski graduated from Prospect High School and will attend Grand Valley State University where she will study speech pathology.  In high school, she was involved in more activities than I could write down, so I'll just list the highlights - tennis, badminton, bowling and Spanish.  Jess also volunteered in the community which is where she realized speech pathology is her calling. 
Eduard Popa is a Wheeling grad who will attend the University of Iowa to study Dentistry.  I, for one, did not realize people in Iowa had teeth so there's something learned.  Eddie was born in Romania who came to the US in 1989 after his parents 'won the green card lottery' (yes, it's a real thing).  He learned his tremendous work ethic from his parents who worked multiple jobs to support their family while going to school to improve their station.  Eddie was on the swim and water polo teams in school along with the Italian Club.  He's earned his CNA and volunteered at area senior centers to give him experience and to help make his community better. 
Sara is another Wheeling grad.  She's going to attend the University of Iowa to study human physiology and nursing.  She wants to specialize in either fertility or anesthesiology.  Sara credits her close knit family for helping her achieve as much as she has.  She particularly loves watching/listening/attending Cubs games with her grandmother.  Sara plays the flute and was in the Wheeling band and marching band.  She was a member of the Italian club and participated in several of the schools on-going food drives.