Rod is the first recipient of our new swag bag! 
District Governor Rodney Adams returned to his home club today to talk about his time leading up to and including his tenure as DG.  It's been a remarkable time for him and one of the most remarkable experiences of his life.  He's made friends from all over the world.  More importantly, his work enabled him to make that world a better place.  And the fact that he was able to condense 3 1/2 years into a 30 minute presentation (well, 40 minutes)?  That was impressive.  
Several things became very apparent from Rod's talk, if you didn't know them already. 
  1. Rod loves Rotary.  I mean, he LOVES it.  The people involved, the work done worldwide and locally, the Four Way Test (plus 1!).  He loves it all and devotes much time and treasure towards making it all it can be.  
  2. Being District Governor takes a lot of time.  It's not a year's term.  Nope, DGs prepare for their year in office with 2 1/2 years of training and hard work.  Rod attended Regional Trainings and Rotary International Conferences across the globe.  He planned induction ceremonies and parties for RI presidents and Regional Directors.  He initiated District Fellowship events with neighboring districts to bring us together so we can share ideas and comaraderie.  
  3. Rod stands out.  He's never been reclusive, but he's really made his mark as DG.  He's transformed the District's training and conference schedules to save everyone time and money.  He's made the District Youth initiatives more successful than ever - largely by making them enjoyable by the youth participating in them!  He takes advantage of his travels and all the meetings he attends to make sure he meets everyone and ensures District 6440 Clubs get the recognition and resources we deserve.
  4. Rod is very smart.  He does the Polar Bear Plunge in Mexico.  How great is that?
Rod's impact on our club, the District and Rotary International has been large and long lasting.  We thank him for his service and example.